Saturday, May 19, 2018

FALL 2018 Early Bird Special

Fall Season Sign Up
Early Bird Special!

Sign Up by June 15th
$25/child, $60/family
Age Eligibility: Birth Year = 2007 - 2013

1. Submit Payment
- via Paypal or check
Checks can be mailed to:
ACYS, PO Box 1045, Bellaire, MI  49615
Cost after June 15th:
$40/traveling child
Payment guarantees a spot on a team!

2. Complete Sign Up Form!

Friday, August 3rd

6 Weeks =  September 7/8 - October 12/13
or call Keelie @ 231-571-0748 with any questions,

and we will respond as promptly as possible!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time To Sign Up!

 Sign Up!

It is time for soccer sign up!  Here are three simple steps:

STEP 1. Sign Up
Head over to our sign up page and get your child registered for spring soccer!

STEP 2. Registration Fee
Payment is required before your child can be placed on a team. We now have two different options to make paying easier: Online or by By check.

Online - You can now pay your registration fee online.  You can pay with PayPal below. There is now one fee for each player - just $25. Click  "donate" process your payment for each player and you are done.

 Please send your payment by check to -
Antrim County Youth Soccer
 PO Box 1045 
Bellaire, MI, 49615

STEP 3. Concussion Information
Please click this link for information about concussions. Thanks!


That's it! Your child is now signed up for soccer. See you on the pitch!