Thursday, September 10, 2020

ACYS Required Facial Coverings


SUBJECT: Facial Covering Requirements

On Wednesday, September 9th, Governor Whitmer clarified the State’s requirement for facial covering during athletic events. The Governor issued an executive order that specifically states that sports organizations must require facial coverings for participants due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Specifics of the state’s guidance may be found here -  

To comply with the executive order, Antrim County Youth Soccer will require all participants to wear a facial covering during all practices, training events, and competitions. This requirement now includes players. 

Coaches will not allow a player to participate if they are not wearing a facial covering. Coaches will also not require any player to exert themselves in a way that might exceed the players’ comfort level due to inhibited respiration. Players will be allowed to take a “mask break” whenever they feel the need to do so. A “mask break” will be a time that a player can walk away from team activities, stand at least six feet apart from all other participants and remove their mask.  

Parents should provide a mask to players prior to bringing them to soccer events. Parents that have concerns about a child’s ability to breathe with a mask on should consult with a medical professional about these requirements. 

No player should participate if their medical provider advises against participation. Parents should follow the advice of medical providers and advise coaches of such advice when applicable. 

Refunds of sign up fees will be granted for anyone that no longer wishes to participate in the program due to the new regulations. 

Previous directives that required coaches and volunteers to wear facial coverings remain applicable. Parents and spectators are encouraged to wear masks and maintain social distancing while at soccer events. All participants will refrain from participation when sick. If any participant has been exposed to COVID-19, they should refrain from participating in any program activities.  

Antrim County Youth Soccer understands that the facial covering requirement is not an ideal way to play soccer. However, we also recognize the necessity of doing our part to slow the spread of dangerous infectious diseases.   

   If you have any questions, please contact Program Director Keelie LeCureux at