Thursday, June 6, 2019

Time to sign Up!

Sign Up!

It is time for soccer sign up!  Here are three simple steps:

1. Registration Fee
Payment is required before your child can be placed on a team.

Please pay your registration fee online or by check.

You can pay with PayPal below. Just click "donate" and process the sign up fee ($25).

 Please send your payment by check to -
Antrim County Youth Soccer
 PO Box 1045 
Bellaire, MI, 49615

PLEASE NOTE: If payment is not received within two weeks, your sign up will be automatically deleted.


2. Sign Up
Head over to our sign up page and get your child registered for spring soccer!

3. Concussion Information
Please click this link for information about concussions. Then, please print and sign the form and give it to your child's coach. Thanks!


That's it! Your child is now signed up for soccer. See you on the pitch!